[350+] ITI Employability Skills Questions and Answers PDF 2023

ITI Employability Skills Questions and Answers PDF 2023 : एम्पलॉयबीटी स्किल के लिए प्रश्न उत्तर pdf २०२३ – २०२४ के लिए दे रहे है

[350+] ITI Employability Skills Questions and Answers PDF 2023

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  1. Which one is the vowel?
    A. J
    B. Q
    C. U
    D. W
  2. Pronunciation refers to?
    A. Spelling
    B. Grammar
    C. Punctuation
    D. Production of sound
  3. The word that is Pronounced the same as another word but differs in meaning is called?
    A. Diphthong
    B. Consonant
    C. Homograph
    D. Homophone
  4. Which one is a consonant?
    A. A
    B. F
    C. I
    D. U
  5. All English alphabets, except vowels (a,e,i,o,u) are called
    A. Diphthong
    B. Consonant
    C. Homograph
    D. Homophone
  6. Fill in the blank with proper pronoun. “He made this cake_________”
    A. Himself
    B. Itself
    C. Yourself
    D. myself
  7. Which one is an adjective?
    A. Write
    B. Large
    C. Teach
  1. Which is a silent letter in the word “ WRITTEN”
    A. W
    B. T
    C. E
    D. N
  2. Which is the silent letter in the word “ANSWER” ?
    A. E
    B. R
    C. W
    D. S
  3. Which are among the following should NOT include in your job resume?
    A. Your name
    B. Your Eating Habits
    C. Your address
    D. Your qualification
  4. Which one is an input device of the computer?
    A. Printer
    B. Monitor
    C. Keyboard
    D. DVD
  5. Which one of the following is an example of operating system?
    A. MS Word
    B. MS Access
    C. Desktop
    D. Windows
  6. The shortcut key to select the whole document in Ms- Word?
    A. Ctrl A
    B. Ctrl C
    C. Ctrl X
    D. Ctrl V
  7. The expansion of WAN is
    A. World Area Network
    B. Wide Area Network
    C. Web Area Network
    D. Why Area Network
  8. The short cut key to “cut” selected file / text is
    A. Ctrl A
    B. Ctrl C
    C. Ctrl X
    D. Ctrl V
  9. The redo button on the quick access tool bar is used to _
    A. save the changes in document.
    B. reverse the last action.
    C. keep the changes and retain the reversed action.
    D. repeat the action just completed.
  10. What is the function of slide show view option in MS-PowerPoint.?
    A. To select the slide is to be displayed
    B. To present without transition effects
    C. To display the views without menus or tool bar
    D. To create new slide
  11. Which type of modem is a circuit board that can be added to the computer?
    A. external modem
    B. wired modem
    C. wireless modem
    D. internal modem
  12. Computer is made out of
    A. circuit diagram
    B. software and program
    C. hardware and software
    D. hardware and circuit
  13. What is windows xp?
    A. Operating System
    B. Storage devices
    C. Processor
    D. Output device
  14. Microsoft PowerPoint application is used to
    A. Create presentation
    B. Write the program
    C. Prepare Document
    D. Prepare Worksheet
  15. Which one is a don’t for an interview?
    A. Confidence
    B. Informal dress
    C. Proper Eye contact
    D. Calm approach
  16. Intrinsic motivation is?
    A. For money or reward
    B. Short lived
    C. Long lived
    D. To gain social acceptance
  17. What is the appropriate response for the following greeting ram: Hi, I am Vineeth, How are
    you? I have joined as tool engineer.
    A. Hi, I am fine.
    B. Nice meeting you. I am Vinay. I work as a system engineer
    C. I am working and I am very busy, see you tomorrow
    D. O k so what
  18. Fill in the blanks with a suitable prepositions from given choices. The books were kept __
    the table.
    A. At
    B. In
    C. On
    D. Over
  19. “Where do you see yourself five years from now?” Which of the following do you think is the
    best answer?
    A. In five years I believe I would rise to the position of project leader.
    B. I don’t plan that far ahead.
    C. I think in five years I will be working in another company.
    D. I will be in the same role.
  20. Frame a WH questions for the following sentence: “My favorite holiday place is Ooty”
    A. Which is your favorite holiday place?
    B. What is your native place?
    C. Why do you like Ooty?
    D. Where do you live?

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