Applications of computer networks

Applications of computer networks

Applications of computer networks

Application Of Computer Network : In Day to Day Life we see many things related to the computer network like Offices , Bank , Railway Station . In This article we will see these different Computer Application.

So before we Discus you must know What is Computer Network?

“Computer Network is Collection of Two or More Computers For Sharing Data And Available Network Resources.”

Now We will Discuss

What are the Application of Computer Network?

The Following is The List For Different Application Of Computer Network
  1. Colleges and Universities Connected Using Computer Network
  2. Banks Having Computers with Network
  3. ATMs Having Computer Network
  4. Companies and Offices
  5. Railway Stations
  6. Airplane Reservation
  7. A city TV network
  8. Government Offices
  9. Different Department Of Government and Privates
  10. IT Companies
  11. Defense
All These are Application Of Computer Network.

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