Basic Computer Quiz

Basic Computer Quiz

Basic Computer Quiz

1. Which one is not an output device?

o Printer

o Monitor

o Keyboard

o Modem

2. Which one works as an output and input device?

o Modem

o Scanner

o Mouse

o Monitor

3. All computers must have:

o Word processing software

o An operating system

o A printer attached

o A virus checking program

4. The brain of the computer is called:

o Random Access Memory or RAM

o Central Processing Unit or CPU

o Read Only Memory or ROM


5. An operating system is:

o Integrated software

o CD-ROM software

o Application software

o System software

6. Software is:

o A computer program

o A set of instructions

o All of the above

o Only in operating systems

7. One MB is equal to:

o The amount of RAM in every computer

o 1 billion bytes

o 1024KB

o 1 thousand bytes

8. The resolution of a printer is measured in:

o Megabits

o Hz

o Dots per inch (DPI)

o Inches (diagonal)

9. Windows and Macintosh computers:

o Are both manufactured by Motorola

o Both use Intel microprocessors

o Use the same operating system

o Are not compatible

10. A computer port is used to:

o Communicate with other computer peripherals

o Download files from the web

o Communicate with all hard drives

o Connect computers together

11. Which computer is the fastest?

o PII 600MHz o PIII 600MHz

o Pentium 600MHz

o 486 Turbo

12. Which hard disk will be able to store more information?

o 24MB

o 2400KB

o 24Gig

o 240MB

13. In order for your computer to play music you need:

o A network card and speakers

o A sound card and speakers

o Nothing more than the internal speaker

o A CD-ROM drive

14. In order to access the World Wide Web you need:

o An Internet connection, an Internet Service Provider and browser software

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o Only Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator

o A modem and a browser

o Nothing. All computers can access the Internet

15. If you have two different printers attached to your computer:

o It is not possible to have two printers attached to a single computer

o You need to install a single printer driver

o You need to use application software that can recognize both printers

o You need to install two different printer drivers in order to be able to print to either printer

16. Which file extensions indicate only graphics files?

o BMP and DOC

o JPEG and TXT

o TXT and STK

o BMP and GIF

17. Which Windows program do you use to manage folders and files?

o Windows Explorer

o Windows Accessories

o Microsoft Office

o Windows Control Panel

18. What is a URL:

o An email address

o The title of a web site

o The address of a page on the World Wide Web

o A communication method between computers and printers

19. Which media holds more information?

o Floppy diskette



o Zip drive

20. Which one is an email address:


o D:\EmailStandard o


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