Class 7 Hobbies Chapter With Question Answers

Hobbies are leisure activities that an individual enjoys doing in their free time. These activities are not necessarily done for work or financial gain, but rather for personal satisfaction and enjoyment.

Hobbies can take many different forms, such as sports, art, music, reading, writing, gardening, cooking, and many more.
Engaging in hobbies can provide various benefits, such as reducing stress, improving mood, enhancing creativity, and developing new skills.

Hobbies can also help individuals find new passions and interests outside of their daily routines and add a sense of fulfillment to their lives.

Class 7 Hobbies Chapter With Question Answers

Hobbies for Class 7 students include

  1. Reading books: Many students enjoy reading books, whether it be fiction, non-fiction, or graphic novels.
  2. Playing sports: Sports such as football, basketball, cricket, and tennis are popular among students.
  3. Drawing and painting: Many students enjoy expressing their creativity through art.
  4. Playing musical instruments: Some students have a passion for music and enjoy playing instruments such as the guitar, piano, or drums.
  5. Writing stories or poetry: Creative writing is a popular hobby for many students.
  6. Collecting items: Some students enjoy collecting items such as stamps, coins, or trading cards.
  7. Gardening: Gardening can be a relaxing and enjoyable hobby for students who like spending time outdoors.
  8. Playing video games: Video games are a popular hobby for many students, but it’s important to balance screen time with other activities.

Class 7 Hobbies Chapter With Question Answers

  • What is a hobby?

Ans:- Activities which give us fun and joy are hobbies.

  • What do hobbies give us?

Ans:- Hobbies give us fun and joy / pleasure.

  • What is philately? What difficulty would you face if you take up philately?
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Ans:- The collecting and study of stamps is called philately.

Now-a-days, people mostly use e-mails, SMS, MMS, etc. for communication. SO it is becoming difficult to collect stamps easily.

  • What is Irfan’s hobby? What does he like to do?

Ans:- Irfan’s hobby is painting.

He likes to sit and paint landscapes.

  • Name a few indoor and outdoor hobbies.

Ans:- A few indoor hobbies are: singing, dancing, reading etc.

A few outdoor hobbies are: playing cricket, football, gardening, traveling etc.

  • What is a kitchen garden?

Ans:- Kitchen garden is a kind of garden where we plant vegetables only for home use, not for sell.

  • “Every morning I water the plants and clean the beds.”- What does ‘beds’ mean here?

Ans:- Here ‘beds’ means the base or ground of a plant.

  • A synonym is a word that has the same or nearly the same meaning as another word. Example: happy- joyful.

From the box below, choose words which are synonyms of the given words, and write each synonym next to the word in the blanks below:

PleasureFree timeLovelyBegin
PrettySpare timeLaunchEvolve


  1. Joy – Pleasure, Happiness
  2. Beautiful – Lovely, Pretty
  3. Active – Energetic, Sporty
  4. Leisure – Free time, Spare time
  5. Start – Begin, Launch
  • Develop – Grow, Evolve

Hobbies – Additional Questions-Answers

3. Look at the picture of the objects given below. Each object is related to an activity.

Write the name of the object and the related activity in the space provided. one has been done for you.

(a) Guitar : Singing

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(b) Bat : Playing

(c) Cycle : riding

(d) Pen : Writing

(e) Book : Reading

(f) Boat : Sailing

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