1. Which area in MS Word is used to enter the text?

a. work space

b. work sheet

c. slides

d. work book

2. Which one of the following is a word processor?

a. MS Word

b. MS Excel

c. MS Access

d. MS Office publisher

3. Which one of the following is text styling feature of MS Word?

a. word fill

b. word art

c. word color

d. word font

4. Which document view given an appearance as in web browser?

a. Draft view

b. Outline view

c. Web layout view

d. Full screen reading

5. Which group includes superscript, subscript, strike through options in MS Word?

a. Clipboard

b. Font

c. Paragraph

d. Style

6. What is the purpose of quick access toolbar?

a. To hold advance function

b. To hold special function

c. To hold basic function

d. To hold familiar and repeated function

7. What is the purpose of undo action in MS Word?

a. Restore previous action

b. Get the current action

c. Goes to previous page

d. Goes to previous paragraph

8. Which option is used to activate and deactivate ruler?

a. View →grids

b. View→ ruler

c. Insert → toolbar

d. Insert → ruler

9. Which option is used to locate any specific character, symbols or formulas in a document?

a. Find

b. Searching text

c. Replace

d. Selecting text

10. Which feature is used to adjust the amount of space between words for alignment in MS Word?

a. Spacing

b. Scaling

c. Justifying

d. Positioning

11. Where does the file name of the active document displays?

a. title bar

b. task bar

c. menu bar

d. status bar

12. How can we rectify the errors occurs while typing?

a. Auto entry

b. Auto add

c. Auto spell

d. Auto correct

13. What is the purpose of inserting header and footer in document?

a. To make the starting and ending page

b. To entrance the appearance of the document

c. To make larger document more readable

d. To allow page headers and footer appear on the document

14. What is the purpose of word wrap?

a. Aligning text with the right margin

b. Inserting space between paragraphs

c.Inserting space automatically between words

d. Moving text automatically to the next line

15. How Cells are named in MS Excel?

a. Alphabetically

b. Numerically

c. Alphanumerically

d. Special Character

16. What is the maximum limit of rows in MS Excel 2010?

a. 1084567

b. 1048567

c. 1048576

d. 1084576

17. Which bar lies top of the window in Excel Screen?

a. Status Bar

b. Ruler

c. Title Bar

d. Scroll Bar

18. Which tab is used to include pivot table, charts, hyperlinks to a spread sheet?

a. Insert

b. Page Layout

c. Data

d. Review

19. What is the file extension of Excel 2010?

a. xls

b. xlsb

c. xlsm

d. xlsx

20. What type of software is MS Office?

a. Application Software

b. Operating System

c. Programming Language

d. System Software

21. Which view in Excel displays the pages exactly as they appear when printed?

a. Custom View

b. Full screen View

c. Page Break View

d. Page Layout view

22. Which one of the following will starts with “=” sign in Excel 2010?

a. Data

b. Text

c. Numbers

d. Formulas

23. Which key is used to make multiple line in a single cell?

a. Alt+

b. Tab+

c. Ctrl+

d. Shift+

Which item, contains text graphics, charts, sound, video, etc., in power point




Desktop screen

Which button is used to add instant animation to the presentation and helps interactive presentation?

Add button


Insert button

Action button

Which key is used to stop a power point presentation?





Which template makes specify common design elements in all slides in the presentation?

Fax template


Data template


Which function key is used to run a power point presentation?





Which one of the following is extension of power point 2010 presentation file?





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