Computer Networking & Internet Questions and Answers

Computer Networking& Internet Questions and Answers

In the Ethernet which topology is used?
Answer:- Bus.

What do you mean by a URL?
Answer:- Uniform resource locator.

Which provides the facility of exchanging information between computing?
Answer:- Network.

Set of rules and regulations while working on internet, which term is used?
Answer:- Protocol.

Connection of network which can only be attached to is what?
Answer:- Intranet.

When computers are connected in LAN then what they can do?
Answer:- Computers can share information and share peripheral equipment.

What do you mean by the term URL?
Answer:- It is the address of a web page on World Wide Web.

In a website/blog which one acts as a doorway to the rest of the website/blog another pages?
Answer:- Home page.

Term which is used to see web pages is called what?
Answer:- A browser.

What is rate of transfer of data in the LAN?
Answer:- Kilo bits per second (Kbps).

In any of email address, which symbol is used to separate the user name with the ISP address?
Answer:- @.

A computer is called what in a network, when a computer shares the resources to be used by others?
Answer:- Server.

What are the requirements to build the wide area networks?
Answer:- For this the requirements are as: Same type, High bandwidth communication source link, High speed processor.

What do you mean by RAS?
Answer:- Remote access service.

Which service is used for sending or receiving mail on the internet?
Answer:- Email.

What do you mean by the term FTP?
Answer:- File transfer protocol.

What do you mean by chatting?
Answer:- It is a type of conversation between two or more user using computers or mobile by internet at the same time.

What is bandwidth in Internet?
Answer:- This is measurement of how fast the data can be sent over a wired or wireless connection.

What is web hosting?
Answer:- This is a service for website or webpages owner to get space require for there website/webpages and allows to post on to the Internet.

What are the main search engines to get more Website URL on Internet?
Answer:- Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Which device is designed to forward packets to specific ports, based on the packet’s address?
Answer:- The device is Switching hub.

In the Networking which topology is not of broadcast type?
Answer:- Ring topology.

Generally which device is needed to communicate with computers using a telephone line?
Answer:- Modem.

What do if an email is received by an unknown person?
Answer:- It should be marked as spam and can be delete without opening email.

What does the PROTOCOL consists of?
Answer:- TCP/IP.

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