COPA TEST – 3rd Operating system


Operating system

Time :- 30 min. Mark :- 20


1) Which of the following is not an operating system?

a) Windowsb)Linux c) Oracle d) Dos

2) What is the maximum length of the filename in DOS?

a)4 b) 5 c) 8 d) 12

3) When was the first operating system developed?

a)1948 b)1949 c) 1950 d)1951

4) When were MS windows operating systems proposed?00:00/07:31

a)1994b)1990 c)1992 d)1985

5) Which of the following is the extension of Notepad?

a).txt b) .xls c). ppt d) .bmp

6) What else is a command interpreter called?

a)Prompt d)kernel c)shell d) command

7) What is the full name of FAT?

a) File attribute table b) Font attribute table

c) File allocation table d)Format allocation table

8) BIOS is used?

a)By operating systemb)By compiler c)By interpreter d)By application software

9) What is the mean of the Booting in the operating system?

a)Restarting computer b) Install the program c)To scan d)To turn off

10) When does page fault occur?

A)The page is present in memory. B) The deadlock occurs.

C) The page does not present in memory. D) The buffering occurs.

11) Banker’s algorithm is used?

A) To prevent deadlockB) To deadlock recoveryC)To solve the deadlock D) None of these

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12) When you delete a file in your computer, where does it go?

A)Recycle bin B)Hard disk C)Taskbar D) None of these

13) Which is the Linux operating system?

A)Private operating systemB)Open-source operating systemC)Windows operating system D)None of these

14) What is the full name of the DSM?

A)Direct system module B)Direct system memoryC)Demoralized system memory D)Distributed shared memory

15) What is the full name of the IDL?

A)Interface definition languageB) Interface direct languageC)Interface data library D)None of these

16) What is bootstrapping called?

A)Cold boot B)Cold hot boot C)Cold hot strap D)Hot boot

17) What is the fence register used for?

A)To disk protection B)To CPU protection C)To memory protection D)None of these

18) If the page size increases, the internal fragmentation is also?

A)Decreases B) Increases C)Remains constant D)None of these

19) Which of the following is a single-user operating system?

A)Windows B)MAC C)Ms-Dos D)None of these

20) The size of virtual memory is based on which of the following?

A)CPUB) RAM C) Address bus D)Data bus

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