Data Structures using C with Answers

Data Structures using C with Answers

1)Stack is also called as ____


2) ____ is not a component of data-structures

a)Operations b)Storage Structures c)Algorithms d)None Of The Above

3)Which of the following is true about the characteristics of ADT

1)It exports a type

2)It exports set of operations

a)True, false b)false, true c)True, True d)False, False

4)Which of the following datastructure is non linear type

a)Stream b)List c)Stack d)Graph

5)Which of the following data structure is linear type

a)Graph b)Tree c)Binary Tree d)Stack

6)Which of the following data structures are index structures

a)Linear Arrays b)linked list c)Queues d)Stack

7)Co-operations on data structures may be

a)creation b)Destruction c)Selection d)All of the above

8)Which of the following is/are the levels of implementation of data structure

a)Abstract lavel b)Application level c)Implementation Level d)All of the above

9)The way in which data items are logically related defines____

a)Storage structure b)Data Structure c)Data relationship d)Data operation

10)Which of the following are the operations applicable on primitive data structure

a)Create b)Destroy c)Update d)All of the above

11)The logical or mathematical model of a particular organization of data is called___

a)Data Structure b)Data Arrangement c)Data Configuration d)Data formation

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12)The simplest type of data structure is____

a)Multidimensional array b)Linear array c)2-Dimensional array d)3-D array

13)In ____search ,search start at beginning of the list and check every element in the list

a)Linear search b)Binary search c)Hash Search d)BST

14)State true/false

1)binary search is used in searching of sorted array

2)Time complexity of binary search is O(log n)

a)True, false b)False, true c) false, false d)True, true

15)Which of the following is not the internal sort

a)Insertion sort b)Bubble sort c)Merge sort d)Heap sort

16)Time complexity of quick sort is

a)O(n) b)O(n^2) c)O(nlogn) d)O(logn)

17)Insertion of item in a stack is called_____ operation and deletion of item in stack is called___ Operation

a)Push, pop b)Insert, delete c)Pop, push d)delete, insert

18)____ is a pile in which items are added at one end and removed from other

a)Stack b)Queue c)List d)None of the above

19)Which data structure allows deleting data elements from front and inserting in rear end

a)Stack b)Queue c)D-Queue d)BST

20)In a queue the initial values of front pointer and rear pointer should be_____and _____ respectively

a)0 and 1 b)0 and -1 c)-1 and 0 d)1 and 0

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