Excel Test 20 Questions with Answers

Class Test 4 Unit 04 EXCEL

Excel Test 20 Questions with Answers

1. How Cells are named in MS Excel?

a. Alphabetically b. Numerically c. Alphanumerically d. Special Character

2. What is the maximum limit of rows in MS Excel 2010?

a. 1084567 b. 1048567 c. 1048576 d. 1084576

3. Which bar lies top of the window in Excel Screen?

a. Status Bar b. Ruler c. Title Bar d. Scroll Bar

4. Which tab is used to include pivot table, charts, hyperlinks to a spread sheet?

a. Insert b. Page Layout c. Data d. Review

5. What is the file extension of Excel 2010?

a. xls b. xlsb c. xlsm d. xlsx

6. What type of software is MS Office?

a. Application Software b. Operating System c. Programming Language

d. System Software

7. Which view in Excel displays the pages exactly as they appear when printed?

a. Custom View b. Full screen View c. Page Break View d. Page Layout view

8. Which one of the following will starts with “=” sign in Excel 2010?

a. Data b. Text c. Numbers d. Formulas

9. Which key is used to make multiple line in a single cell?

a. Alt+ b. Tab+ c. Ctrl+ d. Shift+

10. “AAA” is an example of a ____ in Excel.

a) cell reference b) column heading c) name box d) row heading

11. How would you select non-contiguous cells?
a. Hold Ctrl → left-click on each cell b. Hold Shift → left-click on each cell

c. Right-click on each cell d. Hold Alt → left-click on each cell

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12. How should the following formula be written: Multiply Cell A1 by 6, and divide that by 4?
a. =A1X6/4 b. =A1X6%4 c. =A1*6/4 .d. =A1*6%4

13. To open the Spelling dialog box, you need to press –

a. F5 b. F7 c. F11 d. F2

14. To bring up the custom cell Formatting press –

a. Ctrl+1 b. Ctrl+2 c. Ctrl+3 d. Ctrl+4

15. To repeat the previous action, you will need to press on –

a. F5 b. F4 c. F7 d. F3

16. The latest version of Microsoft Office is called –

a. Excel 366 b. Microsoft 365 c. Excel 2023 d. Office 365

17. The following shortcut key will open the Find and Replace dialog box, and activate the Replace tab –

a. Ctrl+H b. Ctrl+R c. Ctrl+F d. Alt+F

18. To return value from the left side of the matched value, we can use –

a. VLOOKUP Function b. Combination of VLOOKUP and IF Functions

c. HLOOKUP Function d. ZLOOKUP Function

19. The last column in Excel is –

a. XFA b. XFB

c. XFC d. XFD

20. The first version of Excel is released in –

a. 1982 b. 1985 c. 1987 d. 1989

21. Which of the following functions will you use to determine the number of values in the Sales column?

a. NUM b. NUMBER c. COUNT d. None of these

22. Microsoft Excel is the most popular spreadsheet program in the world. Which of the following is the first spreadsheet program?

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a. Microsoft Excel b. Lotus 1-2-3 c. VisiCalc d. SuperCalc

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