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IQ, trading behavior, and performance

iq trader book pdf : We analyze whether IQ influences trading behavior, performance, and transaction costs.The analysis combines equity return, trade, and limit order book data with two decades of scores from an intelligence (IQ) test administered to nearly every Finnish male of draft age. Controlling for a variety of factors, we find that high-IQ investors are less subject to the disposition effect, more aggressive about tax-loss trading, and more likely
to supply liquidity when stocks experience a one-month high. High-IQ investors also exhibit superior market timing, stock-picking skill, and trade execution


The media and our culture, exemplified by the abundance of books on the subject, promote the belief that
successful investors possess some innate or acquired widom. However, do smart investors trade differently from others and make better trades? These are straightforward empirical questions, but addressing them has been hindered by an absence of data—until now. To assess whether intelligence accounts for differences in trading patterns and conveys an advantage in financial markets, we analyze nearly two decades of comprehensive IQ scores from…

Free Share Market PDF Iq Trader Book

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