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“Fundamentals of Futures and Options Markets” by John C. Hull is a comprehensive and widely acclaimed book that provides a deep insight into the complex world of derivatives. As one of the most renowned authors in the field of finance, Hull’s book has become a staple reference for both students and professionals looking to understand the mechanics and applications of futures and options contracts.

The book is divided into several well-organized chapters that cover all aspects of futures and options markets, starting with the basics and gradually progressing to more advanced topics. Hull’s writing style is clear and accessible, making it suitable for readers with varying levels of financial knowledge.

John C. Hull

John C. Hull is a Professor of Derivatives and Risk Management at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto.

He is a respected researcher in the academic field of quantitative finance (see for example the Hull-White model) and is the author of two books on financial derivatives that are widely used texts for market practitioners: “Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives” and “Fundamentals of Futures and Options Markets”.

Hull is an editor of the Journal of Derivatives (since 1993), The Review of Derivatives Research (since 1993), the Journal of Derivatives Use, Trading & Regulation (since 1994), the Canadian Journal of Administrative Studies (since 1996), the Journal of Risk (since 1998), the Journal of Bond Trading and Management (since 2001), the Journal of Derivatives Accounting (since 2002) and the Journal of Credit Risk (since 2004).

He studied Mathematics at Cambridge University (B.A. & M.A.), and holds an M.A. in Operational Research from Lancaster University and a Ph.D. in Finance from Cranfield University. In 1999, he was awarded the Financial Engineer of the Year Award, by the International Association of Financial Engineers. He has twin sons named Peter and David, and a wife named Michelle.

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