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How To Talk To Anyone PDF Download
How to talk to anyone book PDF

Contents – How to talk to anyone book PDF

  • 1 The flooding smile
  • 2 Sticky eyes
  • 3 Epoxy eyes
  • 4 Hang by your teeth
  • 5 The big-baby pivot
  • 6 Hello old friend
  • 7 Limit the fidget
  • 8 Hans’s horse sense
  • 9 Watch the scene before you make the scene
  • Part Two: What do I say after I say ‘hello’?
  • Small talk, your verbal welcome mat
  • 10 The mood match
  • 11 Prosaic with passion
  • 12 Always wear a Whatzit
  • 13 Whoozat?
  • 14 Eavesdrop in
  • 15 Never the naked city
  • 16 Never the naked job
  • 17 Never the naked introduction18 Be a word detective
  • 19 The swivelling spotlight
  • 20 Parroting
  • 21 Encore!
  • 22 Ac-cen-tu-ate the pos-i-tive
  • 23 The latest news … don’t leave home without it
  • Part Three: How to talk like the big boys ’n’ girls
  • Welcome to the human jungle
  • 24 What do you do – NOT!
  • 25 The nutshell resume
  • 26 Your personal thesaurus
  • 27 Kill the quick ‘me, too!’
  • 28 Comm-YOU-nication
  • 29 The exclusive smile
  • 30 Don’t touch a cliché with a ten-foot pole
  • 31 Use jawsmith’s jive
  • 32 Call a spade a spade
  • 33 Trash the teasing
  • 34 It’s the receiver’s ball
  • 35 The broken record
  • 36 Big shots don’t slobber
  • 37 Never the naked thank you
  • Part Four: How to be an insider in any crowd
  • What are they all talking about?
  • 38 Scramble therapy
  • 39 Learn a little Gobbledygook
  • 40 Baring their hot button
  • 41 Read their rags42 Clear ‘custom’
  • 43 Bluffing for bargains
  • Part Five: Why, we’re just alike!
  • We’re like peas in a pod
  • 44 Be a copycat
  • 45 Echoing
  • 46 Potent imaging
  • 47 Employ empathizers
  • 48 Anatomically correct empathizers
  • 49 The premature we
  • 50 Instant history
  • Part Six: The power of praise, the folly of flattery
  • Praise reappraised
  • 51 Grapevine glory
  • 52 Carrier pigeon kudos
  • 53 Implied magnificence
  • 54 Accidental adulation
  • 55 The killer compliment
  • 56 Little strokes
  • 57 The knee-jerk ‘wow!’
  • 58 Boomeranging
  • 59 The tombstone game
  • Part Seven: Direct dial their hearts
  • How to be a hit in another show
  • 60 Talking gestures
  • 61 Name shower
  • 62 Oh wow, it’s you!’
  • 63 The sneaky screen64 Salute the spouse
  • 65 What colour is your time?
  • 66 Constantly changing outgoing message
  • 67 Your ten-second audition
  • 68 The ho-hum caper
  • 69 ‘I hear your other line’
  • 70 Instant replay
  • Part Eight: How to work a party like a politician works a room
  • The politician’s six-point party checklist
  • 71 Munching or mingling
  • 72 Rubberneck the room
  • 73 Be the chooser, not the choosee
  • 74 Come-hither hands
  • 75 Tracking
  • 76 The business card dossier
  • 77 Eyeball selling
  • Part Nine: Little tricks of big winners
  • The most treacherous glass ceiling of all
  • 78 See no bloopers, hear no bloopers
  • 79 Lend a helping tongue
  • 80 Bare the buried WIIFM
  • 81 Let ’em savour the favour
  • 82 Tit for (wait … wait) tat
  • 83 Parties are for pratter
  • 84 Dinner’s for dining
  • 85 Chance encounters are for chitchat
  • 86 Empty their tanks
  • 87 Echo the EMO88 My goof, your gain
  • 89 Leave an escape hatch
  • 90 Buttercups for their boss
  • 91 Lead the listeners
  • 92 The great scorecard in the sky
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How To Talk To Anyone Book summery

  1. What to do so that you never have to think while talking that what should I say next.

Many times it happens that we do not want to talk to anyone, but we have a compulsion that we have to say yes and sometimes it happens that we run out of things to talk about. Next time if you read in such a situation, then you can use this parenting technique, in which you have to repeat the last three words of another person like a parrot in the form of a question with an expression.

Let us understand this with an example. The author says that I have a friend who always used to come to the airport for pickup. And I used to be so tired that I used to fall asleep in his car and he felt like a driver. But this time I had learned a new technique and that technique was parenting technique in which I had to repeat the last three words.

So when he came to pick me up this time, I sat in the front seat of his car and he wondered how much I would sleep every time, but I asked him where he had come from. She said that is from the theater. So I also repeated from the theater. Then he said yes it was a great show. On this, I again used the parenting technique and said that it was a good show.

The author says that she kept on repeating her friend’s last three words in the form of repeat questions with just one emotion and her conversation continued until her friend dropped her at her house and left. On the way, his friend told him that I really liked talking to you today, while the author did not know anything about the show.

  1. What to do so that you always have something interesting to say.
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It is seen many times that we do not have anything interesting to say in the middle or in the beginning. When you are going to a party or a meeting, you select your best clothes, see matching socks, see matching toys, set your hair and that’s all important too. Because the first impression is made of these things, but what will we talk about going there. What will we say so that our image will be enhanced, people should talk about us. You don’t think about it.

Sometimes we have nothing to say. Our mind is not working and the conversation does not reach the level at which we want to reach it, for this the author says that just like you do not pick up the first dress lying in your almirah, in the same way party without conversation topic I never go

So the technique of maintaining the flow of conversation is called The Latest News. Before going to the party, invest only 15 minutes to know about important news like what is going on in the world at this time, whose government is being formed, whose government is falling, where is the fire. What’s going on in the stock market? Which new bill did the Modi government pass? If you know the latest news and use the techniques of pirating, then no matter which crowd you are a member of, it will be very helpful in increasing a good conversation, then keep in mind that friends should never go to a party or a meeting. Don’t forget to read or listen to today’s latest news. With this you can talk to people for hours.

3. How to make your image in someone’s eyes without flattering him.

Many people do not like direct compliments and feel that people are flattering them. Especially if the other person is in a better position than you, then you can use grape wine communication technique to impress these people. Grape wine communication grade is a kind of informal communication.

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In this, meet a close friend of the person in whose eyes you want to make your image, and you praise that person from that friend that man that guy is very nice. working very well. I like when that guy will listen to his praise not directly but through a friend that you have said such good things about him, then it will make your image very good in his eyes. Because maximum time people do evil behind their backs.

  • 5. How to Match Someone’s Mood

Has it ever happened to you that your mood is very bad and at the same time a person comes and starts talking to you in full excitement. Although you also like excitement, but at that time you will get a little irritated with that person. Or sometimes it’s the opposite, when you are very excited and someone comes and starts talking to you completely.

Often when this happens with people, in such a situation, they start trying to get away from people. Especially if he does not have a close relationship with that person. The reason for this happening is the mood mismatch. That’s why when you start talking to someone, you should first keep in mind how is the mood of the other person. If he is in a sad or low mood, then you should not talk directly with too much excitement, instead, talk a little comfort in the beginning and then gradually increase your mood and excitement level. This thing can also improve the mood of the person in front.

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