kar nirdharan syllabus in marathi – कर निर्धारक Syllabus २०२३

kar nirdharan syllabus in marathi

kar nirdharan syllabus in marathi - कर निर्धारक Syllabus २०२३
kar nirdharan syllabus in marathi - कर निर्धारक Syllabus २०२३

करनिर्धारक पेपर 01 Syllabus

Marathi – सर्वसामन्य शब्द संग्रह , म्हणी , वाक्यप्रचार , उतारा , व्याकरण

English: Common Vocabulary,Sentence Structure, Grammar, letter and e-mail writing Use of Idioms and phrases & their meaning and comprehension of passage.

Indian History with special reference to Maharashtra

Indian Geography with special reference to Maharashtra

Indian Economy with special reference to Maharashtra
 Indian Imports – Exports

 Role of Nationalise/Commercial, Co-operative, Rural banks in Indian

Economy national development
 Government Economy, Sources and application of funds – Budgets Accounts and Audit etc
 Inflation – reasons and measures

Indian Political System :-
 Indian Polity & Constitution
 Parliament, state assembly etc.
 State administration
 Rural and Urban administration

Current Affairs related to India and World,

 Human development and environment,
 Environment friendly / Sustainable
 Conservation of natural resources specially forest conservation
 Types of pollution and environmental disasters

Institutions engaged in environmental conseversation at State, National and International Level

General Mental Ability :
Questions will check how fast and accurate a candidate can think.

Numerical Ability: Summation,Subtraction,Multiplication, Division,Decimals, Fractions, Percentage, etc.

करनिर्धारक पेपर 02 Syllabus

Geography of Maharashtra-
Physical geography of Maharashtra, main Physiographic divisions of Maharashtra,Climate, Rainfall and temperature,variation in divisional rainfall, rivers,
mountains; Political divisions, Natural resources – Forest and minerals, Human and Social Geography, urban problems

Human Settlements – Rural Urban Settlements – Site, Situation, type, size, spacing and morphology, Major problems of Rural and urban Settlements Urbanisation – Process of Urbanisation, sphere of urban influence, Regional imbalances

See also Syllabus For Maharashtra Forest Department ( Forest Guard ) Examination 2019

Tourism – Types of Tourism, Cultural,Heritage

History of Maharashtra : Social and Economic awareness (1885 -1947), the role of the prominent leaders,Impact and role of the education and newspapers on the social awareness in pre-independence period of India; parallel movements in pre-independence period, National movements.

Indian Constitution
Formation of Indian Constitution, The objectives and principles of preamble to the Constitution of India, Important articles of the Indian constitution / Salient features, relationship between the center and state, Secular state, fundamental rights and duties, Directive Principles of state policy- Education, Uniform civil code, Governor, Chief minister, cabinet – role, rights and functions, state assembly-legislative assembly, legislative council and their members, rights, functions and role, law committees.

Indian political System-
Indian political system ( The Structure, Rights and Functions), The central and state legislature, state government and
administration (With Special reference to – Maharashtra)

District Administration, Rural and Urban Local Government (Maharashtra) Attributes of Local Government Urban Local Government and administration Nagar panchayat, Municipal Council, Municipal Corporation and Cantonment Board – Composition, Powers and Functions, Chief Officer- Functions and Role 74th Constitutional amendment – Main
Features Urban Development and Urban Local Bodies

The Electoral Process
Main features of Electoral Process Adult Franchise Election Machinery – Election Commission of India, State Election Commissions Elections to Local Bodies

Administrative Law
Administartive Tribunals, Principles of Natural Justice, Constitutional Protection to public Servents

Labour Welfare
Problems and issues (working conditions,wages, health and problems related to organized and unorganized sectors)

Right to Information Act 2005

The Maharashtra Right to Public Services Act, 2015

See also राज्य उत्पादन शुल्क अभ्यासक्रम 2023

The Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988

Computer and Information Technology -The role of computer in modern Society,Data communication Information technology as a new industry, use of information technology to get informationabout various services and facilities, The growth of the IT Industry and status in India, Government Programs i.e. Media Asia lab, Vidya vahini, Dnyan Vahini,
Collective Information center etc.

Economic Reforms and Related Acts new economic reforms policy Background, concept of Liberalization, privatization and Globalization, meaning and Scope, limits; Economic reforms done by State and central government, WTO – Provisions and Reforms, It’s expected impact on Indian Economy, difficulties and problems, Act/ Rules related to GST, Sales Tax, VAT and WTO.

Public Finance
The source of Revenue, Tax, non-tax; public debt in the central and State; Increase in the Central and the State Public Expenditure, Public expenditure reform based budget, zero budget, the review of the tax reforms in India, tax reforms done at the State, VAT, increase in the public debt , Problem related to growing debts of states, Revenue deficit- Concept and Controlling measures , Undertaking of the Central and the State and the Reserve Bank, Revenue reforms in India, The Review on the Central and the State level.

मराठी अभ्यासक्रम – पहा

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