Microsoft word MS PowerPoint Excel And Ms Access Question Paper ITI COPA

Microsoft word MS PowerPoint Excel And Ms Access Question Paper ITI COPA

Microsoft word MS PowerPoint Excel And Ms Access Question Paper ITI COPA

Que 1. Using Microsoft word ‘s Find and Replace feature you can Replacing –

A. both text and formatting B. replace text only

C. replace formatting only D. replace document’s name only

Que 2. A Clipboard is a temporary storage used to store

C. Cut/Copy Data B. Files C. Folders D. All Above

Que 3. Keyboard Shortcut to cut Operation

A. Ctrl + P B. Ctrl + C C. Ctrl + X D. Ctrl + R

Que 4. It allows you to format the vertical alignment of text in document

A. Rular Bar B. Title Bar C. Menu Bar D. Status Bar

Que 5. Times New Roman Is a ……………… Type Interface.

A. Serif B. SansSerif C. Typefont D. None

Que 6. It is Area in the document window where you enter your text

A. Workspace B. wordspace C. Textspace D. None

Que 7. Excel Can Display up to ……… Fields.

A. 16 B. 32 C. 64 D. 128

Que 8. The horizontal & vertical lines in the plot area called …..

A. vh lines B. Gridlines C. legend D. ExcellBook

Que 9. A collection of worksheet known as…..

A. Workbook B. Excelbook C. Sheetbook D. None

Que 10.Intersection of Row & Column known as………………..


A. cell B. range C. label D. None

Que 11.To minimize work book use function key

A. Ctrl + f9 B. F9 C. Alt + f4 D. None

Que 12.Using Chart wizard you can quickly & easily turn your

A. Data into Chart B. Charts into Data C. Both D. None

Que 13.Create chart use function key

A. Ctrl + f11 B. f11 C. Alt + F11 D. None

Que 14.To Start Creating New presentation From Scratch selects.

A. Blank Presentation B. Existing Presentation C. Design Template D. None

Que 15.The Description Associated with slide can be written in

A. Description Pane B. Command Pane C. Note Pane D. None

Que 16.A horizontal & Vertical Bar with Makers are used to determine Size & Position Of Object

A. Rular B. vertical Bar C. Horizontal Bar D. None

Que 17.Extension Of MS PowerPoint Presentation File.


Que 18. To Check Spelling in a Presentation

A. F6 B. F8 C. F7 D. None

Que 19.To Save Presentation While Working on a slide

A. Ctrl + S B. Ctrl + P C. Ctrl + F10 D. None

Que 20.To begin Slide Show Press

A. F12 B. F10 C. F5 D. None

Que 21.Example of Relational Database.

A. Sybase B. Oracle C. MS-SQL D. All Above

Que 22.The expression builder is an access tool that controls an expression___ for entering an expression

See also आरपीएफमध्ये महिलांना 50 टक्के आरक्षण

A. Table B. Box C. Cell D. Palette.

Que 23.Which of the following is not a type of MS Access database object?

A.Table B.Form C.Worksheets D.Modules

Que 24. To create a new table, in which method you don’t need to specify the field type and size?

A. Design View B. While using Wizard

C. Create Table By Entering Data D. All of Above

Que 25. What is a form that we can create in MS Access ?

A. It is used to take printout of a form from Access Tables.

B. It is an input screen for viewing and entering data.

C. It is used for storing special data other than text (e.g photo)

D. It is optional. We can use Report instead of Form

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