What is Sessional Exam?

An exam that is given only during a particular session or term of a course is called as a sessional exam. Students typically take these tests to determine their level of knowledge and comprehension of the course material covered up to that point in the term.

What is sessional Exam ?

InSessional Exam Papers generally contains half syllabus of total syllabus. its compulsory to clear these exam otherwise you have chance of discontinue. As per general Criteria atleast you have to clear 60% of Subjects In Two Semester of Year then you get ATKT for next semester.

How Many semester in Year

In general in year two semester held. Many Courses Are now semester pattern.

benefits of semester pattern

  1. Structured Learning: The semester pattern provides a structured framework for learning, with courses divided into clearly defined semesters or terms. This helps students to focus on one set of courses at a time, which can be less overwhelming than trying to manage multiple courses simultaneously.
  2. Increased Flexibility: The semester system provides greater flexibility for both students and faculty. Students can choose the courses they want to take each semester, and faculty can adjust their teaching schedules to accommodate changing needs.
  3. Improved Assessment: Semester pattern allows for a more thorough and accurate assessment of student learning. With exams and assessments spread out over the course of the semester, students have more opportunities to demonstrate their understanding of the material and receive feedback on their progress.
  4. Better Time Management: The semester pattern provides a clear timeline for completing coursework, which can help students better manage their time and plan their studies.
  5. Enhanced Learning Experience: With the semester pattern, students can immerse themselves in a particular subject area for a full semester, allowing for a deeper understanding and greater retention of the material.
  6. Increased Academic Rigor: The semester pattern can also increase the academic rigor of a course, with more time available for in-depth study and research.
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the semester pattern can provide a more structured and flexible learning experience, allowing students to develop a deeper understanding of course material and improve their academic performance.

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